Passenger aircraft on maintenance of engine repair in airport hangar


Ask most people about planes, and they usually think of commercial aircraft for going on holiday. But the aerospace industry doesn’t stop and start with this. It also includes military aircraft, private jets, experimental crafts, cargo planes and – in the future – spaceplanes.

With so many different types of aircraft, the industry needs thousands of people to design, build and maintain them. Those jobs aren’t all for one type of person either, all sorts of people and skill sets are needed. So check out our Careers section to see what role might suit you.


A 747 engine weighs over 4,000kg. That’s the same as around 65 average humans. Or 135 average Labradors.

Glasgow Prestwick Airport is the only place in the UK that can claim ‘Elvis was here’. The surprise visit was made in 1960, when the singer was on his way back to America, following military service in Germany.

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